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About Me

My name is Christian Capito, but most of my family calls me "CC." 


I was born and raised in the south, but have lived in Naples since 2011. I have run and am still running a successful HomeWatch business since that time. 

With as much time as I have spent at the beach and attending, as well as hosting, friendly Naples gatherings... I have truly come to love the Naples lifestyle - "Laid back but upscale."

When I first saw a picture that was taken in California of a beach picnic soiree - I about died. I thought, what a great idea for Naples! This is so up my alley and I know it will be yours as well. It's like Naples sunsets were made for the perfect, upscale picnic. 

I can't wait to share my "upscale picnics in pop-up locations" with you. I know you will fall in love with them the same as I have. 

We have multiple picnic options to choose from including various color palettes and location venues... even your own backyard. Be sure to take a look at the "Upscale Picnics" page of the website.

As well as putting together picnic soirees, I also design and put together beautiful tablescapes for various gatherings. Please be sure to look at the "Tablescape Design" page. 

I look forward to doing business with you and giving you memories for a lifetime. 

Josh (my husband & Partner)

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